Avaaz involved in Syria linked to MoveOn, SumOfUs, Purpose, Soros activism…..

Take fair warning: Between November 2016 and January 2017 the groups above were all active in fomenting civil unrest and demonstrations in the US by using social media and core liberal issues in the post election atmosphere to motivate people to rise up and incite change in the election result.


What isn’t being reported is that they are directly involved with promoting the fake Syrian White helmets who are terrorists disguised as humanitarian aid workers in Syria and have been filmed on numerous occasions operating alongside al-Nusra Front terrorists in the Syrian conflict. Avaaz was also instrumental in gathering signatures for a No-Fly Zone over Libya which led to the deaths of tens of thousands of people after the country was destabilized. Simply put, these groups foment violent revolution under the guise of social activism. Proof here:

A Guardian UK article from 2012 lays out the Avaaz role in Syrian government overthrow…..https://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/mar/02/avaaz-activist-group-syria


Syria has certainly been risky. The group was quicker on the draw in responding to the first signs of the protest movement than most aid organisations, even than most media outlets that pride themselves in getting speedily to difficult places.

To begin with, Avaaz sent a team of staff organisers to Lebanon after spotting the first signs of a nascent protest movement in Syria. Contact was then made with Syrian activists inside the country, and go-betweens recruited, notably Wissam Tarif, a highly respected Syrian pro-democracy leader who is widely consulted by journalists and senior western diplomats.

From there its involvement in the Syrian Arab spring drew it steadily further and further into the conflict. First off Avaaz sent in hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of communications equipment – satellite phones and internet connections known as BGANs – that gave the protesters a link to the outside world.

As with earlier Arab spring engagements in Tunisia and Libya, they realised that equipment alone was not enough: the protesters needed to know how to use it if they were to be effective. So Avaaz sent in trainers who could give grounding in how to use the satphones as well as basic training in citizen journalism.


More links here to my recent posts on the “Purpose” group that is directly affiliated with Avaaz and Moveon.org and now pushing anti-Trump protests in the US.

A quick look at the Wikipedia page for social activism group Avaaz shows that they are founded by MoveOn Executive Director Eli Pariser, Australian progressive entrepreneur David Madden and Jeremy Heimans (co-founders of Purpose.com).




The primary founder of Purpose is Jeremy Heimans


Excerpt: Jeremy Joshua Heimans is co-founder and CEO of Purpose. He is an Australian-born political activist and a co-founder of GetUp! and global online political community Avaaz.org.

“SumOfUs” online activism group also linked to Avaaz and Purpose. 


CEO- Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman (born 14 November 1981) is the founder and executive director of SumOfUs. She is an Australian-American activist and the daughter of DePauw University professors, former Georgetown basketball standout Bruce Stinebrickner and author Kelsey Kauffman. She was raised in Greencastle, Indiana.

Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in mathematics from Duke University in 2004.

Before founding SumOfUs, Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman worked at a number of other progressive groups including Avaaz.org, GetUp.org.au, and the AFL-CIO.


Link to official Avaaz No-Fly Zone campaign in Libya site: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/libya_no_fly_zone_3/


Posts related to the Syrian White Helmet terrorists that Avaaz and Purpose have been promoting who are masquerading as humanitarian aid workers in Syria.

Extensive links proving the White Helmets are a terrorist front group:














To sum up I will borrow a paragraph from JP Radical Arendt’s post earlier that I will provide a link to below. Here’s what we are really dealing with:

We are aware of weaponized NGOs, such as the National Endowment for Democracy, Freedom House, and Soros’s Open Society Foundations. These NGOs basically carry out, in plain sight, the CIA’s program of subversion. This is merely another layer on top of the CIA’s “mighty Wurlitzer” of “journalists” who write what the CIA wants written – and have done so for 50+ years. We are aware that these NGOs are behind the Color Revolution scam, which is nothing more than hybrid warfare – deliberately escalating legitimate political grievances into violent confrontations. We have witnessed these NGOs in action in Venezuela, in Egypt, in the Ukraine. When these facts are pointed out, the response is to demonize those who report these facts as “agents of Putin”.


I hope Arendt doesn’t mind that I used that paragraph. It describes it all perfectly and reminds us that we must be extra vigilant right now. I believe that faux liberals who did very little real activism previously are being played in these anti-Trump protests. Real progressive anti-war liberals like myself and others had been right working as solid activists all along to get the truth out about US war crimes and corruption. We did not sit idly by while Hillary Clinton and her criminal gang were conducting war crimes, false flags and taking millions of dollars in bribes in the Middle East. We have been accused time and time again of being Putin trolls or Trump apologists during the last few years even though we may have just helped prevent full scale WW3 breaking out.

Its time to be seriously concerned that the groups above are intentionally fomenting unrest in the United States. We need to wake the American people up to what these groups are really all about. They are promoting terrorists in Syria and lying to their respective memberships while using core liberal and progressive issues to carry out their nefarious agenda. The American people don’t deserve to be used so that the US goes to war against itself. That serves none of our better interests. It once again serves the interest of the global elite and the corrupt establishment. Violent revolution seems to be what the establishment wants. Consider all the info above and be very cautious going forward.


And, once again, where does the start-up seed money for these groups come from?

Wikipedia shows that Soros funds Moveon.org:


Financial contributors

MoveOn.org is primarily funded by small-dollar contributions from its millions of members. Major contributors to MoveOn.org during the 2004 election cycle included financier George Soros who gave US$1.46 million to MoveOn.org Voter Fund;

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