Understanding the Orient TV Propaganda Arm of the Gulf State Jihadists in Syria

Next to al-Jazeera, Orient TV is the largest propaganda arm operating out of the Gulf States that helps foment the war against Syria.

Although obviously edited to make Orient TV look like a good natured humanitarian organization, Wikipedia will suffice for a basic run down on the Dubai based Orient News. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orient_News

Orient News TV Channel
Orient News
Launched February 2009
Owned by Ghassan Aboud
Headquarters in Dubai
Website http://www.orient-news.net

Orient News TV, based in UAE, and broadcasts to Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Orient News TV aims to address Syrian viewers in specific and the Arab world in general, with cultural and entertainment programming as well as information and news.

Orient TV opened in Damascus in February 2009, employing 149 Syrians. However the government soon had doubts about having granted a license to Orient TV, and in July 2009 Syrian security forces raided Orient TV’s offices. As a consequence Orient TV moved to Dubai. The station began broadcasting outside of Syria with coverage of the first civil courts established in Idlib province.


Ghassan Aboud the founder, owner of Orient Media Network

The project’s founder and owner is Syrian business man Mohammad Ghassan Aboud, born in 1967. He holds a bachelor’s degree in media from Damascus University in 1991. He left Syria for the United Arab Emirates at the beginning of the 1990s, and worked in public relations in the Abu Dhabi Engineers Association Branch, and was then Media Officer in the Emirates Equestrian Federation and Race.

Later he moved to the business world and founded the Ghassan Aboud Foundation for Vehicles, an organisation for international automotive re-export. The number of countries that deal with the institution exceeded one hundred, after which he added new groups with additional activities to become Ghassan Aboud Group.

In 2008, he established his media project where the first phase included launching satellite channel addressing the Arab families in general, and the Syrian one in espesial, taking into consideration the Arab youth generation that forms 60% of the total population. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghassan_Aboud

Muhammed Ghassan Aboud (Arabic: غسان عبود‎‎; born 1967) is a Dubai based Syrian entrepreneur, philanthropist,[1] and a founding member of the Syrian Business Council.[2] He is mainly known as the founder of Orient Media which runs the largest pro-opposition television, radio, and online media network in Syria. in June 2011, he led and organized the first major conference of Syrian intellectuals, activists, businessmen, and civil society organizers to discuss the future of Syria following the onset of the Syrian revolution in 2011. His outspoken stance against the Assad regime, opposition to ISIS, and extensive support for humanitarian aid in Syria has made him a frequent target of threats. Following his refusal to hand over a majority stake of Orient Media to Rami Makhlouf, an influential businessman and cousin to Bashar al-Assad, Ghassan’s house and personal property in Syria were all confiscated by Syrian security forces. He has since lived in exile in Dubai and Belgium.

Orient Television and Live Point Organization

In 2008 he established Orient News, a satellite channel and a TV production company LivePoint based in Dubai and Syria. His media company quickly expanded to also include bureaus in the United States, Belgium, Jordan, and Turkey. Orient News became the first full-time news channel following the 2011 Syrian revolution dedicated full-time to covering the social, political, and military dynamics of the Syrian conflict.

Orient for human relief

Ghassan Aboud established Orient for Charity and Human Relief in 2012 to provide medical, educational, and social services to the millions of Syrians that have been displaced or injured in the Syrian conflict. The organization runs eight large surgical hospitals in northern Syria in addition to field clinics that provide treatment for communicable diseases that have been spreading as a result of damages to the health infrastructure of the country due to the war. Orient Humanitarian provides free medical services to thousands of patients each month and employs around 450 medical specialists. Orient Humanitarian also runs a displaced camp in the city of Atmeh on the Turkish border which accommodates more than 5000 displaced individuals and their families, in addition to distributing more than three thousand tons of flour every month into areas badly damaged by the conflict throughout northern Syria. The organization receives doctors from international organizations such as the Syrian American Medical Society, USAID, and HAND IN HAND from the United Kingdom.

The above Wikipedia info is all part of the regime change agenda of the West used to legitimize the Syrian opposition groups that are made up of jihadists and terrorists.

Follow the link below to find out more about this terrorism support network….

Dubai-based Orient TV is celebrating its seventh anniversary with expansion into newer markets in the region. The media company inaugurated a six-story studio and bureau in Istanbul. Orient TV also embarked on a multimedia branding campaign at the occasion. As part of the new branding campaign, Orient TV launched ‘Orient News English’, a venture that will expand Orient’s international audience. Another expansion for Orient Net was the launching of Orient Net Kurdish. “We are shaking up the media landscape. Bringing real life human stories to the forefront is what Orient does best. Our correspondents and presenters get to the heart of the story and go where other news and media outlets cannot. We are proud to have built in the past 7 years a media organization that has grown from the leading Syrian satellite TV station to a truly regional and now global institution,” said Ghassan Aboud, Chairman and Founder, Orient TV in a prepared statement. With programs and content in Arabic, English, and Kurdish, Orient TV is ranked by recent independent studies as one of the top trusted media brands and sources for news and in the region. Orient TV is expanding its reach and coverage with bureaus now in Washington DC, Jordan, France, Turkey and Germany.

This is one of the official Orient TV videos showing who they glamorize and promote in Syria. This interview is with Saudi cleric Abdullah al-Muhaysini the leader of the al-Nusra Front terrorist organization in Syria (al-Qaeda) in Syria. On November 10th, 2016 (one day after the US election) the US Treasury Department designated him as a terrorist finally.

Video directly above showing the leader of al-Nusra Front on Orient News has been removed by You Tube. I cached a copy at the following Live Leak link.

Live Leak – Main Saudi Cleric Al-Muhaysini Leading Terrorist Operations in Syria Treated like Hero on Dubai’s Orient News TV Network

The same al-Nusra Front lead terrorist at same location with his full posse having an “allah ahkbar” snackfest. Note they held back on the “Allah Ahkbars” for the Orient TV video above.

And again declaring fatwa….

Here’s we see him with a Arab Red Crescent (Red Cross) worker holding a Red Crescent bag at the 37 second mark.

Essentially, Ghassan Aboud, the owner of Orient TV, is an oligarch similar to the lead oligarchs in Ukraine (Igor Kolomoisky, Petro Poroshenko, Viktor Pinchuk) who own the largest media outlets in the western targeted to be overthrown country and employ nefarious violent radical groups to carry out their agenda in conjunction with the US/UK governments and Deep State/global oligarchs.

The above videos clearly show who it is they are backing in Syria. Hopefully, this is a bit of an eye-opener for people as the same type of agenda was violently carried out in Ukraine where it also led to tens of thousands of deaths. The western powers are using fake propaganda arms and NGO’s along with fake humanitarian aid organizations to fool their respective citizenry and lead them to support illegal groups, violent overthrows and immoral endless warfare.


The videos below highlight the truth about the Syrian war that Orient TV and other Gulf State terrorist supporting media channels have worked so hard to cover up. This 2013 Russian Tv report with English subtitles reveals the horrific crimes of al-Nusra Front terrorists who love ran Aleppo in 2013. Highly graphic: This is how it all went down.

Asma al-Assad, the partner and wife of the Syrian president explains what is really going on.

More on the terrorist glamorized and o=portrayed as a hero by Dubai’s Orient News TV network.


Treasury Designates Key Al-Nusrah Front Leaders


Action Targets al-Nusrah Front’s Financial Facilitation Networks

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) took action today to disrupt al-Nusrah Front’s military, recruitment, and financing operations. Specifically, OFAC designated four key al-Nusrah Front leaders – Abdallah Muhammad Bin-Sulayman al-Muhaysini, Jamal Husayn Zayniyah, Abdul Jashari, and Ashraf Ahmad Fari al-Allak – pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 13224, which targets terrorists and those providing support to terrorists or acts of terrorism. As a result of today’s action, all property and interests in property of these designated individuals subject to U.S. jurisdiction are blocked, and U.S. persons are generally prohibited from engaging in transactions with them.

These designations were taken in coordination with the U.S. Department of State, which today named Jabhat Fath al Sham as an alias of al-Nusrah Front – al-Qa’ida’s affiliate in Syria.

“From recruiting fighters to raising funds, these sanctioned individuals are responsible for providing key financial and logistical support to al-Nusrah Front,” said John E. Smith, Acting OFAC Director. “Treasury will continue to target al-Nusrah Front’s financial networks and choke off their access to the international financial system.”

Abdallah Muhammad Bin-Sulayman al-Muhaysini

Abdallah Muhammad Bin-Sulayman al-Muhaysini was designated for acting for or on behalf of, and providing support and services to or in support of, al-Nusrah Front.

As of late 2015, al-Muhaysini was an accepted member of al-Nusrah Front’s inner leadership circle. As of July 2015, Abdallah al-Muhaysini served as al-Nusrah Front’s religious advisor and represented al-Nusrah Front in an Idlib Province, Syria, military operations room. He has been involved in recruiting fighters to join al-Nusrah Front and helping to form a new al-Nusrah Front “state” in northern Syria. In April 2016, Muhaysini launched a campaign to recruit 3,000 child and teenage soldiers across northern Syria for al-Nusrah Front.

Al-Muhaysini has played a crucial role in providing financial aid to al-Nusrah Front. Between 2013 and 2015, al-Muhaysini raised millions of dollars to support al-Nusrah Front governance efforts in Idlib Province, Syria. As of early October 2015, al-Muhaysini had set up institutions providing financial aid to terrorist groups, including a highly successful campaign that he claimed had secured $5 million in donations to arm fighters.

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