Clarity’s Choice – Vids of the Week Compilation #2 (6 vids sum up the insanity)

Here I provide some of the most important weekly videos related to the ongoing geopolitical insanity……here’s whats up….

The terrorist ruses in Aleppo continue to be exposed after the Syrian and Russian Armed Forces liberated the city. Note that the corrupt and complicit US media is completely ignoring Syria now and wagging the dog all about Trump instead……

Video above has been removed from You Tube, a similar video pointing out the same information can be found here:

Syrian Army Liberation of Aleppo Reveals Western Governments Support for Terrorists in Syria – White Helmets Exposed As FSA Terrorists Linked With ISIS

Sane Progressive hammers home the points about the insanity of the weekend…….

StormCloudsGathering talks about all the madness that has taken place and that is yet to come…..

WeAreChange got the lowdown on the Inauguration first day of violent protests that mirrored the orchestrated uprisings in Ukraine…..

Lionel sums up the fake media and surreality of the whole inauguration/media/protest situation for the RT crew…..

The money making scam Clinton Global Initiative is shutting down due to a recent lack of donors……..