Clarity of Signals strange view into geopolitical insanity……..


Welcome to my window into the current geopolitical madness as it plays out around the globe. I was highly active getting info out about the wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine and just trying to do my duty as a good citizen to expose the warcrimes and theft of our taxpayer money by the global elite and their corrupt vassals in the worlds governments and media. I believe I may have been one of the first people to fully realize and combine the use of the tools of first-person video, social media and internet discussion groups to thoroughly highlight warcrimes and nefarious government doings in this new age of Internet technology. This in turn has led to me being constantly trolled, alerted upon, censored and banned at a number of popular discussion forums including Democratic Underground, Raw Story, Daily Kos, Discussionist, The Guardian UK and most recently Jackpine Radicals. Thus, with the latest JPR banning in December 2016, I felt it was time to change my approach somewhat and have now established this official “Clarity of Signal” website that can be used as a resource for pulling up my previous compiled research on the Grand Chessboard/Great Game for control of the world. It is full of my best posts with loads of links, videos and photo evidence, and it also acts as a hub for people who want to conduct their own research and easily access some of the best links and video sites for geopolitical discussion on the web. I hope interested and concerned citizens embrace these tools at our disposal and help get the message out so that we can fully expose the crimes of the global elite and help bring an end to these horrific wars that they use for control, theft and profit. Just so folks know, my goal is to help stop war and spread some human knowledge and kindness. That’s it. 🙂 I have no political affiliation and am not into red team vs blue team bullshit. That time is over. Now is the time for all sides to come together and stand against being divided and conquered by the elitists that rule over us. Going after the global elite, their corrupt establishment media and the Deep State is the key to a better and brighter future for all of us. I hope others see that and understand that sometimes I use links and information from websites and global states that they may disagree with. I do this in order to highlight the bigger picture. I call doing such freedom of speech and keeping an open mind. All subjects are open for discussion and on the table with me. Hence my name for the site…… Clarity of Signals “Sphere of Insanity”……and yes, I am a conspiracy theorist/analyst. Technically, everything you read here and on the web could be a conspiracy……after all, we do live in an age of fake news. 🙂 The real question to be asking is “what is the real fake news?” I hope this site provides you with some insight into the fact that the mainstream news media colludes with the government and often puts out false stories (fake news) to mislead the public about nefarious government doings.


Oh…and by the way, please enjoy some of my original music why you are here too. Its up in the top right hand corner of the site for you to listen to. I’m a creator. I like to create music and produce good vibes. I hope you dig it. I write songs about surreal and philosophical subjects and I play all the instruments myself these days, except the drums which I program. The lyrics I compose represent my philosophic view of the world and the global awakening that is now taking place. If you want to help support my endeavors exposing the wars and crimes of the global elite, then simply purchase some of my original music at CD Baby:

Mental Pictures – Aboard The Golden Mean

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….and by the way, that beautiful dalmatian is my old partner in crime Texas Elvis who used to cuddle up to me when I wrote my songs. Tex has now gone on to the Rainbow Bridge…… I like to think that he is always by my side while I do this crazy shit. 🙂 Peace to you and your family. Let’s change this world for the better together and help get the truth out to wake up the masses.