Video Interviews: British Journalist and UK Ambassador Destroy White Helmet Terrorists and MSM Lies About 2017 Syrian Gas Attack

Published on April 5, 2017

Former British Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford says those calling for intervention in Syria are likes “dogs returning to their own vomit”

Peter Ford says he believes it is “highly unlikely” that Russia or the Assad regime was behind the attack in Idlib.

Syriana Analysis

Published on Apr 6, 2017
Exclusive interview with British Journalist Tom Duggan in Damascus at the French Hospital tells us about the chemical attacks accusations.
Interview conducted by Hanin Elias


US Reporter Ben Swann attempted to wake Americans up to the US government and media lies about the war in Syria and their support for terrorist groups. Ben’s You Tube channel went dark in early February 2017, but smart geopolitical researchers cached his videos.

Dutch Politician Tells the Truth About the War in Syria and Media Manipulation of Facts

Published on Apr 3, 2017

Sonja van den Ende, who is a member of the Socialist Party in the Netherlands telling the truth about Syria on Al-Mayadeen TV. It is worth mentioning that Ms. Sonja has lost her seat in the Dutch parliament because of her political opinion on Syria.

Videos courtesy of Syriana Analysis You Tube channel. Video below provides geopolitical understanding regarding the real reasons for the war in Syria

US Congressman Thomas Massie shits all over CNN’s false narrative and pisses off female  warmongering propaganda automaton

Ron Paul Says Syria Gas Attack Could Be False Flag

US Based Tyranny Unmasked  Debunks MSM Rhetoric Regarding Syrian Gas Attack

US Congressional Representative Tulsi Gabbard has also revealed the truth about the US supporting terrorists in Syria – Video courtesy of the Humanist Report You Tube channel

Newsbud geopolitical channel reveals the truth about the origins of the CIA orchestrated Syrian war