White Helmets Exposed: Numerous Videos and Photo Evidence Directly Link White Helmets to FSA Terrorists Torture and Atrocities

The following video and photo evidence comes via You Tube and social media accounts associated with the White Helmets and the Free Syrian army. The majority of the content was uploaded by the individuals themselves. The White Helmets claim to be impartial and unbiased is also proven to be false via the following videos and photo information which directly links them to the FSA who are implicated in numerous atrocities, as is verified by the videos below.

The first video clearly shows that the White Helmets are attending a FSA meeting and are FSA affiliated. The FSA is made up of a number of groups of terrorists including Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Nusra Front -(largest group)) , Ahrar al-sham (2nd largest group also includes ISIS fighters), Jaysh al-Islam and a number of al-Sham groups, Jaish al-Fatah, Nour al-Din -al-Zinki.

The following Wikipedia list of the armed groups fighting in Syria clearly shows that the FSA is made up of al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups and allies. 

List of armed groups in the Syrian Civil War From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



FSA White Helmets meeting….

The terrorist groups listed at the top of this post have all been intertwined and interchangeable for years while the US and EU governments have referred to them as ‘moderate’ rebels under the FSA umbrella. After the liberation of Aleppo by the Syrian army and Russian armed forces in December 2016 these groups have ‘officially’ decided to unite under one umbrella as proven by the following Reuters article released on January 28, 2017.

WORLD NEWS | Sat Jan 28, 2017 | 11:27am EST Syria Islamist factions, including former al Qaeda branch, join forces: statement

The following videos clearly show FSA fighters conducting torture. Note the FSA flag on the weapons clip of one of the torturers. 

Graphic Warning: The victim is bound to a tire and savagely beaten and tortured by FSA fighters

In the 2nd video we see Hadi Alabdallah, the lead propaganda disseminator for the terrorist groups and the White Helmets, addressing an FSA jihadist gathering and inciting them to continue fighting. The additional videos below clearly show that he is working alongside the al-Nusra front terrorists- he congratulates them in the videos and is photographed proudly standing next to the Saudi cleric leader of al-Nusra Front in Syria Abdullah al-Muhaysinin (al-Qaeda in Syria). Keep in mind that the US State Department has openly been providing material support and weapons to these FSA groups over the past few years, as has the US allies of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

Hadi and al-Muhaysini (Link to US Treasury Department designation of al-Muhaysini as lead terrorist in Syria on November 10, 2016) . Abdallah Muhammad Bin-Sulayman al-Muhaysini Abdallah Muhammad Bin-Sulayman al-Muhaysini was designated for acting for or on behalf of, and providing support and services to or in support of, al-Nusrah Front.


US State Department caught congratulation Hadi Alabdallah – Here is is filmed with numerous terrorists


The video above has been removed from You Tube. Another version of the same video can be found at the following Live Leak link.

US Embassy Congratulated Reporter Caught on Camera Embracing al-Nusra Front Terrorists

Hadi operating alongside al-Nusra Front…..


The videos below are graphic and provide further examples of FSA torture and atrocities. many are conducted in the same room used for torture as the one above where the FSA weapons clip is clearly displayed.

Here’s more of the horror that the FSA conducts…….the video below shows FSA ‘rebels’ throwing Syrian policeman off of a Syrian government building. Warning: It is highly graphic.


Regarding the White Helmets ruse and their direct affiliation with the FSA terror groups, please see the following linked massive compendium of articles, photo and video evidence that directly ties them to the terrorist groups.

Mega File on White Helmets Terrorists -Hundreds of Links and Videos

And if that doesn’t prove the case to you, then check out all these photos that fully expose the White Helmet terrorist scam.





Al-Nusra Front flag in the background……




Remember the Mannequin challenge? Looks like the FSA played a key role in that deception. Note FSA armband on one of the ‘actors’.




White Helmets Doctor Death…..




Before………………………….                    After………………….


Twitter screen grab proves their leader follows primarily terrorist groups on Twitter including al-Muhaysini, the leader of al-Nusra Front )al-Qaeda)


And they stupidly, constantly film themselves ‘rescuing’ the same children in their fake videos.


They even use photos from other events to spread their propaganda and lies….wh17

And photos even link Hadi, the FSA, al-Muhaysini and all the terrorists to little 7 year  old Bana, the US media’s #1 darling….. exploited child hero…..She’s surrounded by terrorists…..Her own mother and father are terrorists…..



What do Harry Potter, ISIS Propaganda, and “the little Syrian refugee girl” have in Common?

Much of the propaganda network supporting the Syrian opposition is based in stylish, media-savvy London. One piece of it, as it turns out, are prominent figures associated with organizations in Israel working to destroy and discredit the global BDS movement.

Not surprisingly, some of these same well-connected figures in British media are also behind “the little Syrian refugee girl,” a phenomenon that has attracted widespread, well-organized support for the Syrian rebellion.

Blair Partnerships is a London literary agency owned by Neil Blair, who also handles Harry Potter author J.K. Rowlings. According to his Wiki, Blair was a lawyer before he joined Warner Bros. where he was Head of Business Affairs, Europe. In 2001, he became a literary agent for Christopher Little agency which in 2011 he left to become sole agent to Rowlings, taking the author and several others with him to set up his own shop.

Neil Blair also represents Bana Alabed whose Tweets have made her the public face of Sunni armed rebels in Aleppo, once the stronghold of ISIS and other Saudi and Turkish supported Jihadi-groups in northern Syria. Mr. Blair is very good at what he does. Simon & Schuster, a major NY publisher, will be releasing Bana Alabed’s ghost-written memoir later this year. http://www.thebookseller.com/news/ss-us-snap-syrian-refugee-bana-alabed-s-memoir-536586

Blair is a Zionist activist who has helped meld Rowlings into a spokesperson for the anti-BDS campaign in Britain. In 2015, Rowlings signed a letter supporting Culture for Coexistence, which boasts the slogan, “Engagement, Not Boycott.” https://cultureforcoexistence.org/

This is what Sarah Irving at Electronic Intifada had to say after Rowlings publicly endorsed that group which opposes the sanctions and divestitures of Israeli holdings involved in the West Bank Occupation: https://electronicintifada.net/blogs/sarah-irving/harry-potter-fans-heartbroken-author-urges-engagement-israel

What the letter doesn’t make clear, however, is that one of the driving forces behind Culture for Coexistence is Neil Blair, JK Rowling’s literary agent.

Blair is also on the board of the UK branch of the Abraham Fund. That “coexistence” group is sponsored by Hapoalim, an Israeli bank that finances the construction of Jewish-only settlements in the occupied West Bank.

On 21 October, the UK Friends of the Abraham Fund announced as its new chairperson Alex Brummer, an editor and columnist at the rightwing British tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail, notable for its pro-Israel editorial stance and notorious for its racist and Islamophobic stereotypes.

Brummer is also a regular contributor to The Jewish Chronicle, a British newspaper with pronounced Zionist leanings.

A recent statement on the Abraham Fund’s Facebook page on what it called “ongoing tensions” claims that “Arab society in Israel must unite against the attacks and stabbings of Jews and prevent the incitement which is encouraging these acts.”

The statement makes no mention of the deadly violence perpetrated by the Israeli army and settlers against Palestinians.

Violence is clearly, according to the Abraham Fund, something perpetrated only by Palestinians.



If your still wondering who is behind the FSA and all this madness……..here’s your answer…..the Sunni Wahabi Gulf States which foment global terrorism……the ones that the US government just gave a free pass regarding the US Muslim ban…..the ones the US government considers key allies…..Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Egypt….just to name a few.

To keep fully updated on the White Helmets ties to terror groups, please check out the White Helmets Exposed site on Twitter.

https://twitter.com/WhiteHelmetsEXP  – WhiteHelmetsEXP

Clarity’s Choice – Vids of the Week Compilation (6 vids sum up the insanity)

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Bashar Assad, the President of Syria politely answers questions from French media who certainly can’t be trusted for representing the truth about the war. Keep in mind that the Deep States media apparatus is trying real hard right now to keep any mention of Syria off the airwaves as their ruses have been exposed after the Syrian and Russian armed forces have liberated Aleppo from the western and Gulf State backed terrorists that have destroyed Syria.

WeAreChange breaks down the BS behind the Golden Shower ruse implemented by the corrupt MSM and Deep State.

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